Use a frequency adverb from the list below to make sentences using the given prompts.              always , often , rarely , frequently , usually , often , sometimes , occasionally , rarely , hardly ever, never                                                                                                                             1.We/provide/good service. 2.I/have/face to face meetings/external consultans. 3.Our company/employ/external consultants 4.I/be/busy in summer 5.He/have/meetings/in the morning. 6.I/see/the Senior Vice-President 7.We/write/reports

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1. We always provide good service. 2. I rarely have face to face meetings with external consultants. 3. Our company frequently employes esternal consultants. 4. I am sometimesc busy in the summer 5. He occasionally has meetings in the morning 6.I hardly ever see the Senior Vice- President. 7. We ofen write reports

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