O scrisoare formala in care eu sa fiu un profesor si sa ii scriu unui parinte despre copilul lui care nu are un comportament adecvat. Ca de exemplu ca intarzie,ca nu isi face temele.. Va rog.

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                  Dear Mr./ Mrs ______,         Let me introduce myself, my name is Mrs. ________, your son's english teacher, and along with my fellow teacher colleagues, I have decided to write you this letter, in which I inform you about your child's behavior.        First of all, he is always late at my classes. He enters the classroom from 10 (ten) to 15 (fifteen) minutes after the bell has rung, giving no explanation, thus I cannot excuse him. From what I know, he has the exact same attitude to other teachers.       Second of all, he misbehaves during my classes. He is always interrupting me, talking over me, passing notes through the classroom, and even "corrupting" other students to talk freely in class, getting them into trouble too.        This being said, I strongly advise you to take the iniviative and try to talk to you son, and make him more responsable.                       Respectfully, _____________

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