Ma puteti ajuta cu o compunere in limba engleza ? Comment on the following statement. It s much letter to see the film than read the book 

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My brother is four years old, two years younger than me. I enjoy his company very much and we often go out to play. While we we play, I would accidentally hurt him and he would start crying. I will then tell him that I am sorry that I have hurt him. My little brother will forgive me, stop crying, and we will continue to play as usual. My brother and I enjoy eating sweets and chocolates very much, and we often share with each other. Our mother warn us that eating too many sweets are bad for our teeth. She is correct; every time we visit the dentist, he would need to fill the holes in our teeth. We often go out to play together at the playground near our house. Playing on the swings and slides usually makes our clothes very dirty. When we get back home, our mother would scold us playfully as she put the dirty clothes into the washing machine. Our parents love us very much, just as much as we love them.

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