Both exercises were easy the exercises were easy to do it was a pleasent day the sua was very rough he was a tall man the ware de new words in the lesson jonh was a good swimmer she was a very inteligent girl preciso delas em negativa e interrogativa

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Both exercises were easy? | both exercises were not easy. The exercises were easy to do? | The exercises were not easy to do. It was a pleasent day? | It was not/wasn't a pleasent day. The sua(?) was rough? | The sua was not/wasn't rough. he was a tall man? | he was not/wasn't a tall man. the were the new words in the lesson? | the were not the new words in the lesson. jonh was a good swimmer? jonh was not/wasn't a good swimmer. she was a very inteligente girl? she was not/wasn't a very inteligent girl.

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