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Zad.1. Dopasuj pytania ( 1 - 6 ) do odpowiedzi ( a - f ). 1. Can I have a sandwich, Mum ? 2. Can I use your pen, please ? 3. Could I borrow your new CD, please ? 4. Can I watch this film, Dad ? 5. Can I have a new computer, Mum ? 6. Can I go out on my bike ? a) No, you can't. It's time for bed. b) Yes, you can. There's some cheese in the fridge. c) Not now. Grandma's here. You can go out later. d) Yes, you can. Here you are. It's really good. e) Not now. I'm listening to it. f) No, you can't. You've got a computer. Bardzo, Baardzo proszę o odpowiedź. Daję Naj Naj ! ♥

(2) Odpowiedź

1b 2d 3e 4a 5f 6c Liczę na naj :)


1. B 2. D 3. E 4. A   5. F  6. C

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