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Wybierz właściwe słowa.   1. A: Do you have to/can you study a lot? B: Yes, I could/have to study every night.   2. A: Must/Can I keep food in the tent? B: No, you don't have to/mustn't. It's not allowed.   3. A: I have a terrible headache. B: I think you can/should take an aspirin.   4. A: Do I have to/Can I go out with my friends tonight? B: Yes, but you mustn't/don't have to come home too late.   5. A: You shouldn't/can't throw those bottles away! B: Oh! You're right we don't have to/should recycle them.   6. A: Can/Must I watch that movie tonight, Mum? B: Yes, you should/can.   7. A: What time is the plane leaving? B: Ten. We can/have to hurry.   8. A: What should I take to the party tonight? B: I'm not sure. Maybe you have to/could take a box of chocolates.  

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1 have to; have 2 can; mustn't 3 should 4 can; mustn't 5 shouldn't; should 6 can; can 7 have to 8 could

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