Język angielski

Dopasuj początki zdań (1-8) do ich zakończeń (a-h). 1. A person who is aged 13-19 is____ 2. A period of time when you are young is____ 3. A group of people of a similar age are____ 4. If you stop being married,____ 5. At the very end of your life____ 6. A child that's only six month old is___ 7. When you are in your seventies and eighties, it's called___ 8. A person that's over 18 is___ a) old age b) youth c) you get divorced d) an adult e) a teenager f) you die g) a generation h) a baby

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Należy dopasować: 1e 2b 3g 4c 5f 6h 7a 8d

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