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Circle the correct item. 1 A: Can/Must I feed the animals at the zoo? B: No, you don't have to/musn't. Read the sign! 2 A: Why do you have to/can you be at work at 8:00 tomarrow? B: I have to/can see a client at 8:15 3 A: What shall I wear to the party? B: Don't worry. You mustn't/don't have to wear formal clothes. A: Can/Must I wear my jeans them? 4 A: Mum, can/must I have some friends over tonight? B: Yes, but you can/must tidy your room first. A: Oh, do I have to/can I do it now? B: Yes. You don't have to/can't have your friends over until your room is tidy. 5 A: I've put on weight. B: Well, you shouldn't/can't eat so many sweets. 6 A: Can/Must I have a party for my brithday? B: Yes, of course you can. 7 A: Will/Can I bring my kitten to school? B: No, you won't/can't. You don't have to/mustn't bring pets to school. 8 A: I've got a toothache. B: Well, I think you should/can see the dentist. 9 A: You mustn't/don't have to wake up early tomarrow. B: Why not? A: It's Sunday!

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1. can mustn't 2. do you have to have to 3. don't have to can 4. can must do I have to can't 5. shouldn't 6. can 7. can can't mustn't 8. should 9. don't have to


can have to have to have to don't have can can must have can't shouldn't can can can't don't have should don't have

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