Coucou à tous Le sujet est: Your task is to change the world in 3 to 5 minutes. Easy task... and to record it (audio or video): email it to me ([email protected]) or bring a usb key. Choose a topic, a cause to defend, stand up for it. Hope for a better future. Write a poem and read it / compose the lyrics of a song / or write the words of a speech and say or sing them. You can ask for some friends or relatives to help you, to play some music, to interview you, or to play whatever part you want. You can be a political leader, a member of a charity, an activist, a protest singer ... or just be yourself. Whoever you want but make it clear from the start. You can set your audio or video in a specific country or period of time but once again, make it clear. You can find some help in the" I have a dream speech" by Martin Luther King, Use the same pattern or invent a new one. For some help listen to some inspirational speechessuch as the ones I suggested for last week. Remember what we did about" I am lazy and zen", book page 21 and wb + book pages 50-51 Mind :word stress, sentence stress, intonation, phonetics (check it on word reference for example). Link words (vowel-consonant), mind the breath groups and manage some pauses. Do not speak too fast, articulate, You must be convincing. Je suis réellement en recherche d'idées. Je n'en ai aucune. Donc voilà si une bonne âme veut bien me donner une idée et quelques grandes lignes, cela me dépannerait fortement merci davance

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Quelle sujet aviez-vous sujet aviez vous choisie écrire une poème/ composé une chanson / ou écrire un discours?

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