Bonsoir tout le monde, alors en faite je vous explique d'abord l'histoire puis je vous expliquerai la consigne. C'est une famille qui force sa fille à ce marier avec un homme qui ont eux choisi. La fille est une rebelle elle désobéi à ces parents elle ne veut pas se marié avec un inconnu etc... Les parents obligent leur fille a discuté avec " l'inconnu " . C'est dans leur première rencontre. Quand ils discutent la fille lui fais comprendre qu'elle ne l'aimes pas etc mais l'homme lui essaye de se rapprocher d'elle . Je dois donc trouver des arguments pour ces deux personnes , je dois trouver des choses à dire en jouant le rôle à chacun. Surtout surtout c'est en anglais.. Merci d'avance les amis :)

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Her : I'm not attracted by you and I don't love you! Him : Of course, it takes time to know each other but when you will know me you could be attracted by me who knows? Her : No, no, deeply inside I know that you won't fall in love with you. Sorry you're not my type of guy at all Him : (playing the fool) Oh you don't like my beard I can shave it for you.          And, it's been a while I didn't go to the hairdresser too. I will make an effort for you at our next date. Her :(smiling) I see, you have a good sense of humour but it won't change anything. I won't change my mind and I'm stubborn  Him : All I love in a woman, that's great!! Please, let me a chance to know each other and we will see. I swear, I don't bite!! Her : I really dislike when a woman say no and the guy goes on!! It's upset me !! Him : Ok. So, tell me what is your type of man then? Her : In fact, I don't want my parents to choose my future husband for me!          They should not deal with that!! I'm not disabled (handicapé) I can choose him by myself.  Him : If it wasn't your parents who obliged you for this meeting, do you think that you could feel something for me? Her : I have this feeling down deep in my soul that nowadays no women should be forced to get married with someone she didn't love just because of their parents will. Time has changed now Him : Yes, I understand what you mean. But love can come after marriage           too it's happened for my parents and they're still together today Her : (laughing) We are so different and such answer shows me how we are opposite. You are not against such marriage and I'm completly opposite. I won't change my mind so now it's time I have to go. Bye and good luck!! Him : Despite all Miss, glad to met you. Good luck too

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