Necesito el resumen de ''Blanca Nieves y los siete enanitos'' en un libreto corto, en el que todos los personajes hablen, todo esto en inglés.

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It was a beautiful girl, white as snow, with black hair and ruddy face. His mother, Queen, died bring to the world and, years later, the king remarried, giving a stepmother who liked to talk to her mirror. White was the name of the girl, and her stepmother, beautiful but cold and cruel, he kept asking her mirror: "I am the most beautiful woman?". And the glass said yes, but growing up Snow White, became prettier and one day the stepmother got this answer: "You are not the most beautiful, now is the beautiful Snow White". She could not stand the truth, he called one of the servants and bluntly, he ordered, "Take Snow White into the woods, bushes and have good reward." The man, who knew the princess long ago, took her there, but did not hurt. "The queen wants to kill you, please do not come back but I will be dead," he said and walked away leaving her. Sola, White thought he would die of fear, but the appearance of a house brought back to life. He came, no one was there and it was very small. He ate something and fell asleep. Upon reaching their owners, the Seven Dwarfs, realized that they had a visitor strange: she was a princess and woke up with so many whispers. White tried to flee, but was prevented. He told his sorrows and the Seven Dwarfs swore that they would take care lifetime. And in the castle, the queen angry after hearing that her mirror told him: "The most beautiful is Snow White and lives with few Dwarfs". Discovered the deception, she disguised herself as a beggar and went in search of Snow White, to give the poisoned apple that would cause his death. The Seven Dwarfs Snow White mourned along with the animals. They were going to bury, but was so lush that chose to place it in a glass case, and for years came there to worship. It was then that arrived at the scene a beautiful prince, alerted by the legend of Snow White, and seeing her, asked the dwarfs to let him take her with him, but they did not accept the proposal. Instead, worshiped night and day, until not hesitate to kiss and beautiful Snow White came to life as if by magic. The spell was over, the dwarfs celebrated the queen died of envy, the prince asked for her hand and they were very happy. End

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