Which of the following is not a strategy for improving the long-term 6 of cities? a. restoring natural ecosystems b. reducing pollution and waste c. increasing automobile use d. compact and efficient land use

(2) Answers

The correct answer is letter C. Increasing automobile use is not a strategy for improving the long-term health of cities. Automobile use produces carbon dioxide emissions at high levels which add up to the destruction of the Earth's atmosphere. 30-40% of carbon dioxide emissions are caused by this and other human activities (e.g. factory industries, mining).


A stategy that isn't designed nor meant to improve the long-term 6 of cities would be increasing automobile use - c. Automobiles are extermely harmful devices which have drastic effects on the environment when taken as a whole; compared to using the public transport or bicycles, or other means of transport. Because we have autos, cities aren't really aren't really up to the challenge in the long run. 

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