Which is an advantage the Internet has over other forms of media? It can aim at a specific audience. It is more environmentally friendly. It can influence impulsive purchases. It provides information at all times.

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All the first points you have written are true, but there is si much more you could say... It can provide information quickly to large groups of people, and has allowed the world to become more connected; through businesses being able to communicate globally from HQ to factories or family members being able to skype or IM from one side of the world to another.  The internet brings us all together really, its interactive and lets people have their say, overall it's a worldwide community. Other forms of media simply don't have this to such an extent, and so thats what I guess makes the internet stand out! Think about how you use the internet, whether it be social sites like facebook or twitter, or creative sites like pinterest or tumblr. You could also include these thoughts in your answer! I hope this helped! Have a nice weekend :))

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