What are some facts about Themistocles of Greece?   I know he was an Athenian general and politician. I have a project for history where I need to act JUST LIKE my character. Every little fact will help.

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Themistocles main accomplishments were achieved as a navy general for Athens.Themistocles devoted himself to strengthening the navy and the fortifications, especially those of Piraeus. About 471, after his opponents came to power, he was exiled. he  then fled to live in Persia, where King Artaxerxes made generous provision for him, and appointed him governor. He's mainly known for defeating the Persians in a naval battle.


Themistocles was very persuasive, brave, and a little bit headstrong. He liked to show off and brag to people to make himself feel good, like most Greeks did, so I've heard. Hope this helped, it's kind of hard to find characteristics of "ancient" people.

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