The Joneses are moving from San Francisco to South Africa. They pack their belongings in rectangular crates and hire a boxcar to ship the crates across land and sea. The crates are made specifically to fit inside the boxcar with their bases facing down. Each crate has a base 15 ft long by 5 ft wide and height 6.5 ft. The boxcar is 60 ft long, 10 ft wide and 13 ft high. How many crates can The Joneses fit into one boxcar?

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La sup della base del box e' : S box=60 x10=600 S crate =15 x5=75 Sulla base del box si possono mettere 600/75=8 crate Sull' altezza (high) si possono mettere 13/6,5=2 strati 8( crate/ strato) x 2 (strati)=16 crates

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