Laurie buys four bags of candy with 10 pieces of candy in each bag. Her father then gives her 5 more pieces of candy. Laurie wants to give as much of her candy as she can to each of her six friends, and she wants to make sure they each get an equal number of pieces. How many pieces will be left over, if any, after Laurie gives her friends the candy?

(2) Answers

2.5 pieces of candy left over. 


First, four bags of 10 pieces, 4x10, is 40 pieces of candy. Then add on the five her dad gave her, 40+5=45, then divide it by six 4x10=40 40+5=45 45/6=7.5 But you cannot give half a piece of candy so each of her friends get 7 pieces, and she gets 3 pieces

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