Jason and his mother are re-tiling the kitchen floor. The area of the kitchen floor is 96.75 square feet. Each tile has an area of 1.25 square feet. How many tiles will Jason and his mother need to tile the kitchen? Do i need to multiply?

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I'd suggest division, which means 96.75/1.25 You'll get a number just shy of 80 roughly about 78 or so


To find the result we have to divide 96.75 by 1.25. It is possible to get the answer using multiplies. Its when we are using only factors, not decimals. I mean tranfrom 96.75 and 1.25 into fractions and then divide it by multiplying by inverse of 1.25. To get the result we just have to divide 96.75 by 1.25 so 96.75:1.25=77.4 We have to round the result up, because Jason have to use 77 and approx halfone tile moreso the result its 78.

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