Irina rode her bike to work at an average speed of 16 miles per hour. It started to rain, so she got a ride home along the same route in her coworker’s car at an average speed of 27 miles per hour. If Irina’s ride home in the car took 24 minutes (0.4 of an hour), how many hours was her bike ride to work, to the nearest tenth of an hour?

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Average speed of Irina riding home in her coworkers car = 27 miles per hour Time taken by Irina to reach home = 0.4 hour. Then In 1 hour the car traveled for a distance = 27 miles So in 0.4 hour, the distance traveled by the car = 27 * 0.4 miles                                                                            = 10.8 miles Now While traveling to office, Irina travels 16 miles in = 1 hour So Irina travels 10.8 miles in = (16/10.8) hours                                          = 1.48 hours.] So Irina takes 1.48 hours of bike riding to reach her place of work.

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