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1.) A molecule of DNA consists of a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogen-containing base 2.) A mutation is a change in the base sequence if a DNA molecule 3.) C 4.) A 5.) B 6.) In RNA thymine is replaced with uracil. Also RNA is a single helix, not a double 7.) DNA replication occurs in Interphase, specifically the "S" phase. "S" stands for synthesis. 8.) tRNA (transfer RNA), mRNA (messenger RNA), rRNA (ribosomal RNA).      tRNA transfers the DNA code into RNA. mRNA moves the tRNA out of          the nucleus. rRNA is the protein chain built on the ribosome holding the          protein 9.) Many things such as environmental factors or during cell division. Environmental factors include radiation like nuclear or sunlight (ultraviolet). During cell division something like addition or subtraction can cause mutation. 10.) TGAGGACTT 11.) 3 amino acids 12.) Addition of base pairs occurred over time. 13.) DNA must replicate to contain the right information for the cell to develop correctly   If this was any help to you please rate and click Thanks! :)

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