How do you find the property of 34 + 0 + 18 + 26 using Common Core math?

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Common core math is a series of mathematical standards that a student is taught about in preparation for their academic endeavors in college. Applicable common core standards that could be used here is the PEMDAS rule and the Commutative Property  The PEMDAS rule stands for parenthesis, exponent, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. When there are multiple operations involve, you use the PEMDAS rule to help you prioritize. But since the equation only involves addition, no need to use PEMDAS. You just have to know the Commutative Property of Addition. This property states that if a + b = c, then b+ a = c. In other words, the final answer would remain unchanged even if your rearrange the order of terms in addition. Applying the property, we solve the equation as it is: 34 + 0 + 18 + 26 = 78.

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