Answer the three questions please

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Question (1)When the divisor is a decimal, what must we do?              1) Multiply the divisor by 10, or 100, or 1000, etc., according to the number of decimal digits, so that it becomes a whole number. 2)Multiply the dividend by the same power of 10.Question (2)When asked to add or subtract decimals, the most important step is to line up the decimal points. Step 1: Line up the decimal points so that similar place values are lined up. In other words, the tens place in both numbers should be lined up, the ones place in both numbers should be lined up, etc.Question (3)To multiply decimals: Set up and multiply the numbers as you do with whole numbers. Count the total number of decimal places in both of the factors. Place the decimal point in the product so that the number of decimal places in the product is the sum of the decimal places in the factors.

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