A total of $32,000 is to invested, some in bonds and some in certificates of deposit (CDs). If the amount invested in bonds is to exceed that in CDs by $8,000, how much will be invested in each type of investment

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I think all you do is $32,000 / $8,000 which is $4,000. Meaning $4,000 will be invested in each investment, I may be wrong though.


I am going to set x=bonds and y=cds equation one x+y=32000 equation 2 x=y+8000 substitute equation 2 back into equation 1 (y+8000)+y=32000 2y+8000=32000 2y=24000 y=12000(cds) now you can take this y value and plug it back into either equation you want x=12000+8000 x=20000(bonds)

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